Publication date: 11-Dec-2017


Chocolate isn’t exempt from using special terminology to name the diverse processes used when preparing this delicious product. This is why we want to share with you certain terms and their definitions:

  • ● Emulsify: mixing two elements that aren’t miscible (don’t mix easily) by applying mechanical action and energetic force.

  • ● Temper: melting cocoa butter to stabilize crystals. Tempered chocolate has a nice shine, is resistant to fat boom, and has a good ‘snap’ or ‘crack’ sound when broken.

  • ● Marble: combining two different mixtures of different colors and flavors, giving it a type of zebra or marbled look.

  • ● Deglaze: using temperature shock to lift what’s left at the bottom of of a pan, generally with liquid at a cooler temperature.

  • ● Refine: giving chocolate the final finesse and maximum expression of flavors and textures. The chocolate particles must have a very small dimension to make it feel subtle and soft on the palate.

  • ● Conche: decreasing any percentage of water, evaporating all acids formed by the fermentation process, and creating a noticeable change in color due to the emulsion of the fatty ingredients. Chocolate changes from a thick and pasty state to having a liquid and fluid texture.

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