Publication date: 11-Dec-2017


Loving what you do defines any good professional, and also applies to a great chef. The personal commitment to give the best of yourself each day, having a positive attitude, and encouraging constructive criticism, are attributes that allow food professionals to surpass their own limits and those of their team.

Next, we’ll tell you what you should know to be successful in the kitchen:

Ability to Plan

A kitchen is like an antique clock: each piece is fundamental to its success. A chef must be able to organize their staff according to dates, seasons, and shifts. Organizations spills over into other parts of business, like the preparation and plating of the food.

Ability to React

Finding solutions rather than focusing on problems. Nothing is assured in the kitchen, so any time an unexpected situation arises, a chef must be able to find a solution quickly and efficiently.

Ability to Listen to your Collaborators
In any job, you will find people who know more and others who know less than you; this must be used as an advantage when working as a team. A chef who knows how to listen will be enriched by their collaborators’ knowledge and contributions.


A leader can direct a team to an established goal through their knowledge and experience.


A chef is also a manager, and as such, must know how to choose their staff, providers, produce, prices, and what is needed at every turn. A chef must know how to delegate and trust their own criteria.

Going beyond an elegantly plated dish, the chef must always be looking at every detail, and must fulfill the aforementioned categories in order to achieve good results.
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