Publication date: 11-Dec-2017


Behind the grand and exquisite preparations in restaurants, and the hectic personal lives of chefs, are stories that are almost never brought to light. These documentaries show the human side of chefs and the challenges they face while seeking excellence in what they do.

Off-road. Mugaritz, Feeling a Way (2015)

In this documentary, director Pep Gatel and chef Andoni Luis Aduriz expose life in Mugaritz, a restaurant where creativity and innovation are part of daily life. Gatel’s lens offers a human vision of the people behind the restaurant, stepping away from the idyllic beings who are shown in news stories, as Andoni himself confirms.

Finding Gaston (2014)

This documentary follows Gaston Acurio, a famous cook, entrepreneur, and writer from Peru, on his journey to show the world the delicacies of Peruvian food. Gaston decides to look beyond the question “why do we cook?” and takes the viewer on a journey to discover a country through its cuisine. This film travels to different locations in Peru and around the world, showcasing different ingredients and preparations that only exist in his country.

Kings of Pastry (2009)

This film follows sixteen contestants in an intense, three-day challenge named Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF), as they compete to be chosen as part of the elite ‘artisan’ group of French pastry chefs. The film shows master chocolatiers and bakers working on demanding sculptures that are seemingly perfect.

Entre les Bras (2012)

Paul Lacoste directed this documentary about Chef Michael Bras and his son Sebastian. The film exposes the difficult situation faced by both father and son when Michael decides to hand over the business—which has been in the family for three generations—to Sebastian. It also explores the challenges Sebastian will have to face: his father’s three Michelin stars, his family legacy, and building his own path.

Documentaries bring us closer to the world that’s hiding behind the kitchen doors, to its actors, and their inspiring life stories. Don’t miss them!
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