Publication date: 11-Dec-2017


Putting together a good team in the kitchen depends on each team member’s quality of work, their synergy when developing different tasks, and whether or not they have a good leader.

A real team team is one that overcomes obstacles and presents the best dishes, even in moments of crisis. As a leader, the Head Chef must build and maintain a work environment in which every team member executes their tasks with precision. When a team works harmoniously, the result is always ideal and optimism is palpable, even in high-pressure situations.

When you are working towards a perfect outcome, the team producing your masterpieces must be perfect, too. Below are a few key tips to help you build and maintain a good team in the kitchen:

Always consider each team member’s particular skills.

These skills are highlighted only if each team member is being given the opportunity to share their opinions, create, and grow, and allowed to work on what they do best. Of course, each person’s experience must be previously evaluated, so that you can delegate the right task to the right person.

Evaluate each person’s character and their unique brand, as it will go into their work.

Each person uses their own methods for different activities, and this is particularly true in the kitchen, where unique and creative styles can create unexpected results, especially when everyone takes special care of the details and works hard to do things right, do them on time, and with quality.

Skillfully synchronize the work team.

The Head Chef must coordinate all activities and keep each team member on track, stationed where they will excel. Nonetheless, it’s important to always have a back-up plan that allows for adjustments and improvisation.

An effective leader must be very clear about what each team member can do, what they’re capable of, and what their limits are, in order to shift staff around according to the needs of the process, and to react positively to unexpected circumstances.

Just like in the world of French pastries, each ingredient, step, and process has its own
raison d’être
, and together they achieve a sublime product. In the kitchen, a good team must be handled in the same way as a pastry recipe

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