Publication date: 11-Dec-2017


Cooking allows you to experiment and create new and interesting options. We usually see chocolate as the king of sweets, but it can also be enjoyed in savory dishes.

Chocolate has been known for mixing well with sugar, but there is a history in Mexico of combining it with salt. The ancient chocolate masters and chefs in the country created excellent recipes with what is commonly known as mole, a chocolate sauce mixed with chilis and eaten with delicious cuts of meat. Mexicans also give their children salty chocolate-covered chili bonbons.

Besides giving your diners an eccentric dish, by offering savory chocolate creations you’re giving them the chance to truly enjoy this prized product, eliminating any excess of glucose and obtaining all the beneficial properties of chocolate, such as vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and protein, among others.

Chocolate can also stand out in savory dishes

Chocolates with 70% or more pure cacao are commonly used to make savory chocolate dishes. You can also use bitter chocolate to enhance your creations.

Next, we’ll share some dishes that are becoming more and more popular in modern cuisine.

  1. Tamarind and chocolate caramels: An exquisite combination for young and old; it can be molded and presented in many different ways, always highlighting its spectacular flavor.

  2. Chicken or beef with mole : Serving mole and chocolate with chicken or beef helps you achieve a unique flavor combination. You can add almonds for a balanced flavor between these diverse ingredients and get delicious results.

  3. Chicken with chocolate and mango: a masterly combination that’s easy to make. Salted chocolate and a good mole are essential.
Like all cooking, using chocolate in savory dishes is all about experimenting and trying new flavors. Don’t be afraid to use it in your menu, you could find the perfect ingredient to make your mark.
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