PASSION FRUIT AND CHOCOLATE, a winning combination

Publication date: 23-Nov-2017


Maracuyá—a combination of Love and Passion Fruit—the winning ice cream at the Gelato World Tour America, was the result of mixing passion fruit and Chocolate Cordillera
Daniela Lince is a twenty-four year-old from Medellín who, despite her young age, has a long trajectory in the world of gelato. Hers is a story that started with an interest as a teenager, and has continued as she combined her studies and her talent to become a world-known professional.

Last year, she won first place in the Gelato World Tour America in Chicago, and this year she won third place in the Gelato World Tour, which took place in the Italian city of Rimini last September.
This young woman from Antioquia has stood out by highlighting Colombia’s unique flavors; this is why her favorite combinations feature citric and sweet flavors, which usually contain chocolate.
Besides the quality of the product, Daniela has found unique attributes in the combinations of the hybrid origin cacaos used by the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates in their Chocolate Cordillera brand, which achieve a perfect mix of acidic fruits from different regions of the country. This young ice cream maker uses these combinations to produce original and unforgettable flavors.

Amoracuya—Love and Passion Ice Cream.
Why did you trust Chocolate Cordillera to develop the products you participated with in such high-calibre events?
Before using Cordillera as the raw ingredient for the ice creams with which I participated in the competitions, I already knew the brand. I had used some of their products in my ice creams before, and all my prototypes were created using chocolates from the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates. I basically chose it for its flavor and quality.
How has Cordillera helped you and your products to stand out? How has the guidance the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates given you been, in terms of the technical aspects of using their chocolate?
The Compañía Nacional de Chocolates has been very thorough in their guidance and technical consultancy. The technical team has advised me to help me understand how I must work with the chocolate to make my ice creams. They have helped me with things like how much chocolate I need, how much fat I should use, which flavors are stronger or more bitter, or what is the ideal percentage of cacao for each product. They have also supported me when I’ve needed to test the recipes, guiding me through the correct technical use of the raw ingredients.
What’s the value in using Colombian chocolate?
Besides learning about chocolates from around the world, I have had the opportunity to make ice creams with these products. However, the chocolates from the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates are incomparable. For example, the Premium line has fruity and floral tones that are perceptible in the chocolate, and give the final product the perfect touch. When I take my chocolate to other parts of the world, foreigners are especially curious and surprised; after they try it, they want to know more.

Why do you think it’s important to serve our origins through your use of national products?
I’m Colombian and I truly believe we must support what’s ours, our origins. Also, I know that Colombia is in the top 9 cacao-producing countries. Behind the chocolate there are great stories of cacao farmers from my region, and although these stories might not be the main reason I have chosen to use Cordillera to make my ice creams, it satisfies me to know the cacao I’m using is sustainable and that lots of families are benefitting from its production. It’s an added value which I believe is very important to the quality and flavor of the brand.
What characteristics does this chocolate have that allow you to achieve the flavor you wanted to give your ice creams?
I use two different Chocolate Cordillera products: 70% Cocuy, and 65% Sumapaz. I use the latter to decorate the ice cream, because it has a sweet flavor and isn’t as bitter as other chocolates I have tried with the same percentage of cacao. This line has a fruity flavor that works well with my ice creams, which focus on tropical fruit. I use the Cocuy chocolate to make my chocolate ice cream because it gives it the perfect flavor; it achieves balance. It’s a strong flavor without being bitter. I trust it enough to use it as a main ingredient, or a secondary one in my peanut and chocolate ice cream, and my hazelnut ice cream. Chocolate is definitely a flavor full of passion.
What is your relationship with chocolate like? What does it add to your innovative ideas?
In the ice cream world, each person is known for working with certain flavor profiles. This is how I’ve come to realize one of my lines has to undoubtedly be chocolate. Many times when someone tells me, “Daniela, start thinking about creating a new ice cream,” the first thing I think about is fruit and chocolate. Then I’ll think about infusions and other types of things. Fruit and chocolate are flavors that I’m personally passionate about and I identify with. I can combine chocolate with wild blackberries or gulupa, a typical fruit from the Huila region in Colombia; or a fruit ice cream with a crunchy bit of chocolate, or chocolate flakes broken up inside. In Colombia, we have very acidic and strong-flavored fruit, so chocolate is my ally as it helps me balance out these fruity ice creams by cutting the flavor. This way, people don’t become overwhelmed or tired by the strong flavors.

This is how Daniele obtains winning combinations that add flavor, aroma, and consistency to her creations. She knows she only wants to use very high quality raw ingredients that will allow her to please chocolate lovers’ palates, making her a representative of Colombia in the world of gelato
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