Publication date: 11-Dec-2017


The best chefs capture their resumé on their menu, showcasing the fruit of their labor. Here are a few suggestions to charm more diners.


When creating a menu for your restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery, the first thing you must consider is offering clarity and harmony.

Think about offering an eye-catching, elegant cover on a fine, clean paper, and include clear descriptions of all your dishes, from the most simple to the most complex. This is the first impression you will make on your diners, so it’s extremely important to put all your effort and determination into creating an impeccable and perfect menu.

To gauge the quality of your menu, check the customer’s satisfaction after having eaten the dish compared to their anticipation when looking at the menu. To produce a menu that lives up to your dishes, we recommend that the presentation is very clear and goes from the simplest to most complex dish, so the diners can delve into the menu step-by-step. Each plate’s description should be equally clear, concise, and complete.

What to include and what to discard?

When choosing the dishes that will be on your menu, creativity is key and will surely get your diners’ attention; but you should always respect the balance between sweet and savory, strong and delicate. You must also abstain from recommending two courses with the same main ingredient, for example shrimp soup for an appetizer and shrimp ceviche for a main course, or chicken in bitter cacao sauce for a main course and a chocolate lava cake for dessert.

Appetizers, garnishes, and good wine are indispensable to achieve the desired effect, which is why you should put an effort into offering the best pairing for each dish.

In the end, it all comes down to the moment your diners’ expectations are fulfilled and that they find the menu appealing.

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