Innovation and sustainability, our commitment to the planet

Publication date: 16-Oct-2018


At the Compañía Nacional de Chocolates we are committed to social development and decreasing the environmental impact of our operations and products so that, through concrete actions and innovative processes, we can contribute to our greater purpose; sustainability.

In order to generate well-being and progress in the communities where we work, we have set various goals to preserve the environment and ratify our leadership as a company committed in caring for our natural resources and reducing contaminating agents.

Next, we will detail the actions we are developing to achieve our goals.

Efficiently managing and caring for water

Chocolate Cordillera

In 2011, we measured the volume of water that we used in our processes in Colombia, and we made a commitment to reduce our hydric footprint and use our natural resources more responsibly.

1. Every year, we save around 3,800 m3 of water.

2. We care for the wetlands near our plants.

3. Sewage is treated inside our plants.

4. We improved the technology used in our boilers by implementing inverse osmosis equipment that saves energy and water during industrial processes.

5. We developed the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) method to eliminate big losses and ensure the availability and trustworthiness of our operations, equipment, and system through prevention, autonomous or planned maintenance, and training, among other inclusive strategies that involve employees, families, and collaborators.

6. Our plant in Peru has a Blue Certificate, a recognition granted by the country’s National Water Authority to responsible users of hydric sources.

100% clean energy

Between 2010 and 2017, we managed to reduce energy consumption by 13% in our plant in Colombia after implementing 100% clean energy sources and optimizing the energetic intensity used in our industrial, commercial, logistic, and administrative operations.

1. Our plant in Rionegro has the largest solar roof in Antioquia and the second-largest in Colombia. With over 8,000 photovoltaic panels, we reduced the emission of 604 tons of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of planting a 40-hectare forest every year.

2. Our boilers no longer run on coal but natural gas and have been fitted with vapor economizers.

3. We substituted our traditional lamps for an LED system that covers 98% of our plant and implemented equipment that provides natural lighting.

Waste management

The Compañía Nacional de Chocolates has embraced the ‘Circular Economy’ model and the ‘Zero Trash’ initiative to improve efficiency of available resources, decrease waste generation, and reutilize useful materials like plastic, cardboard, and paper, among others.

1. In 2017, we launched our Policy for Reducing Loss and Waste of Foods to promote lowering hunger in the regions where we work.

2. We are utilizing around 94% of the residues we produce in our plants in Colombia.

3. We are certified with the ISO 14001 norm which regulates the implementation of environmental management systems.

4. We are wagering on the formation and implementation of an organizational culture focused on managing reusable materials.

5. We have technological follow-ups with Vidarium to generate free energy from biomass.

6. We’re part of the pilot agreement named Green Growth, a program by the Autoridad Ambiental and the Empresas del Oriente Antioqueño made to formulate and execute projects related to improving solid waste management and a coal-free economy.

In order to achieve eco-efficiency in our chain of supply and the reduction of the environmental impact of our products, we will decrease water and energy consumption by 30% and 25%, respectively, reutilize 90% of our waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33%, and aim to use 100% cleaner energy. These are some of the ways we contribute to our greater purpose: sustainability.
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