Publication date: 11-Dec-2017


When baking or making pastries, using low-quality ingredients will directly affect the final product’s taste and presentation. Using high-quality ingredients for pastries and baked goods will ensure better results, as they bestow important characteristics to chocolate like fluidity and viscosity, which you should look for when selecting a good quality chocolate.
  1. Evaluate using your senses
-Color: should be even, dark, and slightly shiny. The inside of the chocolate should be free of white stains, bubbles, and fibers.
-Strong aroma. The more persistent and intense, the better the quality.
-Flavor: a good quality chocolate is soft, uniform, and pleasant. If it melts in your mouth quickly, and its flavor lingers on your palate, it’s of excellent quality.
-Sound: The sound of breaking chocolate must be dry, like when a branch breaks. A sharp, clear sound indicates good quality; on the contrary, a blunt sound usually means it’s of low quality.
-Firm to the touch. When in your hands, it shouldn’t take more than twenty seconds for it to start melting.
  1. Ingredients and origin of the product

-A high-quality chocolate will always have a high percentage of cacao. If it has other ingredients, they should also be natural, like organic sugar or nuts.
-Avoid chocolates that use vegetable oils, lecithin, and artificial components.
-The order in which the ingredients are listed on the label shows the quality of the chocolate. The first item should be the percentage of cacao in the chocolate, while the quantity of sugar should be one of the last ingredients listed. If sugar is in first or second place, it’s not an ideal product.
-The chocolate’s origin speaks of its quality. The best cacao comes from South America and single origin is best.   The flavor, texture, color, and general presentation of your desserts and chocolates are determined by the type of ingredients you use; the higher the quality, the more satisfied you will be with every aspect of the production.
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